Detox is as easy as 1,2,3!

#1 Breakfast


#2 Lunch


#3 Dinner


Delightful Detoxification

Detox Questions? We Have Answers!

About Super Foods: 

  • Super food nutrients will settle naturally in the containers.
  • Shake gently before consuming so remix the super foods. 

Easy to Consume

  • Drinks are numbered: 1,2,3 to be consumed in this order. 
  • #1 Breakfast, #2  Lunch & #3 Dinner
  • Start to drink within one hour of waking up, this helps replenish needed calories that have been processed during the night.
  • Drink each juice slowly during an hour to allow nutrients to process.
  • After the drink seems finished, add fresh water to the container and swish to ensure you are consuming all the super foods. At times there will be a remaining 10-20 grams of protein in the bottom, if this is not remixed with water and consumed your intake will be a bit off. 

Hungry? That is OK!

  • If you are hungry - sip organic tea, or black organic pour over coffee. 
  • Do not chew gum, these added sugars will change your Detox program results.
  • You will not need to drink extra water as each detox juice will provide 96 ounces or fluid per day. You may drink additional water if you like as H20 is great for you!
  • If you feel the need to eat you may be calorically depleted., and can consume extra water to curb this urge. 
  • There is no failure in eating as long as it is a healthy choice; organic carrots, hummus, cucumbers to help with cravings.

Detox Complete, Stay on Track with a Meal Plan!

  • Once your detox completes you may start enjoying organic plant-based foods. 
  • Start slowly to reintroduce food. 
  • Stay away from oils, steam only to cook and try to incorporate raw foods. 
  • The Vegan Cafe offers a wonderful meal plan following Detoxing.  

Our Detox Program

Detox is delightful way to refresh your body and mind. Remove the toxins that have built up by flushing your system with fresh organic juice.

Most of our Detox Programs are only $33.00 a day. A great way to get fit and stay healthy. 

Frequently Asked Detox Questions 

It is recommended to complete a five day detox. It takes at least 5 days to really flush out all the toxins that our body is used to receiving.  After 5 days you will start to feel the difference.

You will receive 3 - 32 ounce servings of juice per day. (Per Gerson Standards) 

All Detoxes must be scheduled a week in advance. There are absolutely no refunds for any reason on any detox, as produce is purchased in advance. 

Orders can be picked up 8am to 6pm Monday-Saturday. Come early if you plan to Detox that day as you will want to have your first drink early. to keep your body happy. See you soon!

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