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Detox Program


Detox is delightful way to refresh your body and mind. Remove the toxins that have built up by flushing your system with fresh organic juice.

Detox is only $33.00 a day

It is recommended to complete a five day detox. It takes at least 5 days to really flush out all the toxins that our body is used to receiving.  After 5 days you will start to feel the difference.

You will receive 3 - 32 ounce servings of juice per day. (Per Gerson Standards) 

All Detoxes must be scheduled a week in advance. There are absolutely no refunds for any reason on any detox, as produce is purchased in advance. 

Pick up orders between 8am to 6pm. 

Hydrogen Alkaline Water


We are producing Alkaline Water! 

Stop by for a sample!

Most functions in the body are influenced by pH. Healthy enzyme and hormone systems and our blood's ability to carry oxygen all depend on an alkaline pH.  

Regularly reported benefits of drinking alkaline water include: increased energy and mental clarity, improved memory, clearer skin, weight loss, detoxification, improvements in cardiac conditions, stabilizing of diabetic blood sugar, and better digestion.  

It also benefits inflammatory issues including arthritis and other conditions such as allergies, and asthma.

Fresh Options


We refuse to compromise on quality.

Our Juice Bar sources fresh ingredients from local farmers' markets when available.

Naked Sprout Organics believe in using mostly raw but ALWAYS organic sustainable ingredients. 

We are committed to offering the best tasting NON-GMO, organic food. 

We buy farm direct and Fair Trade when available and use only organic oils, produce, spices, beans, nuts, and seeds.

If you have any questions please ask us, we love to talk about our organic sourcing. 

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